What RC Quadcopter Should You Choose and Why?

Choosing the right RC quadcopter can be daunting when faced with the abundance of choices out there. Knowing how to use it typically will help guide the decision. Here are some common uses and the best quadcopters to choose from.

Indisputably, the latest RC craze for the past few years has been quadcopters. They have exploded onto the RC scene in hundreds of configurations, sizes, and prices and their simplicity, easy learning curve, and wide range of applications have made them easily the most popular RC vehicle of all time. They have been adapted to a ton of uses commercially including, military work, search and rescue, large scale inspections, surveillance, and film making. The applications are endless and new ways to use quadcopters are constantly growing. But for most people, they will be used in one of a few main ways. Aerial acrobatics, aerial photography, or casual fun. Of course, every quadcopter has more than one usage but knowing what human beings want to use one for will help them decide which is right for them. Everyone knows that Newfrog.com is THE place to get the best deals on the latest RC quadcopters and here are some that will satisfy any needs.

Aerial acrobatics – If the purpose of men is to elevate the flying skills and perform amazing acrobatics, the JJRC H22 2.4GHz Headless Mode 3D Inverted Flight RC Quadcopter is the perfect choice. It is specially designed with a sleek lightweight body and powerful motors that make it great for acrobatics. This 4 channel, 6 axis gyro quadcopter has incredible control and wild moves. Its advanced flight controls allow for movement Up/down, Forward/backward, Swerves, and Turn left/right. But most amazing of all, it can perform 360 degrees rollovers in any direction and actually accomplish 3D inverted flight, a feat that few other quadcopters can handle. Advanced users will find this quadcopter capable of just about any difficult flight maneuver and it’s perfect for challenging friends and other RC enthusiasts to acrobatics contest. Luckily, it’s great for beginners as well due to its automatic ‘one key’ return that remembers the location of its take off position and returns itself there easily. It’s a stunning looking quadcopter and the best choice for cool stunts.

Aerial photography – For those who have their sights set on taking cool pictures and incredible video footage from the sky, the choice may be a bit different, for instance, this JJRC H9D 4-CH 360° Flips 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter with 0.3MP Camera. This beauty, has 4 channels, 6 axis control like many of the best, most maneuverable RC quadcopters out there, but also adds a built-in high resolution 30W pixels HD camera, capable of taking photos and recording video at any time during flight. It’s great to record the route of a flight, take pictures in far away and out of reach areas, or use video to capture any sports event or extreme sport adventure people are taking part in. It’s true that many quadcopters come equipped with cameras these days, but the reality is that many can be difficult to use because it is hard to know what exactly the camera is pointing towards at any given moment. With the JJRC that is never a problem. The control unit is equipped with a 5.8GHz 4.4 inch LCD monitor that supports real-time transmission from the quadcopter, showing exactly what the camera is seeing. Players will know right when to begin recording or take a picture, truly a revolutionary and useful feature that makes the JJRC one of the very best for all the new aerial photography fans out there.

Fun – But do not forget that first and foremost, RC quadcopters are about fun! Generally people will simply fly for the sheer joy of it and at Newfrog.com there a many, many quadcopters to choose from that are made essentially for that. One of the best and most popular is the DHD D1 Mini Drone. This is one of the smallest, yet most versatile quadcopters on the market. So small that a few of them will fit in players’ hand and so colorful that they will look like tiny pieces of art flying around the room. But don’t be fooled by the small size! These super mini quads have 6-axis gyro flight, strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, can fly in wind and are easy to control. They can go forward, backward, up, down, turn left, right and left/right sideways flying and even perform 360°flips. They are super easy to fly, and are great indoors, making them the perfect choice for the casual RC flyer out there. They even have bright, colorful LEDs built in so they are a blast to fly at night.

No matter what people choose to use their next RC quadcopter for, there are dozens of great RC flyers to choose from at Newfrog.com. Pick your application, pick the quad, and let Newfrog do the rest. Their fantastic selection, great service, and free worldwide shipping, make shopping with them easy and rewarding. Remember, next quadcopter is ready and waiting for everyone now!

Summary: Choosing the right RC quadcopter can be daunting when faced with the abundance of choices out there. Knowing how to use it typically will help guide the decision. Here are some common uses and the best quadcopters to choose from.


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