VaKind Launched New E-Business Website

Global E-business trading development and manufacturing company Vakind announced today that it has officially launched a new E-trade website and corporate identity.

According to Jeff Jiang, Vakind President and founder, the new business mode and supply chain refresh of will be more closely aligned with VaKind’s strategies for expansion and growth over the next years.

“We have been stayed in E-trade field for 6 years by listening to our customers and adapting their good suggestions." Jeff said.  “We are a typical electronic business company with core values, and we recognized the importance of constantly innovating and adapting to new ways of doing business and technology. We recognize that millions of retailers and consumers have seen or used our products over the years, but just weren't aware of how to choose them and get them in a convenient way in mobile times -- and that is going to change from now!"

EcoolBuy offers a modern, clean design, easy-to-navigate function, and a user-friendly site experience, more importantly, all EcoolBuy pages interface and functions are both matching PC browser and mobile devices perfectly.  The e-commerce function enables customers to quickly and easily order EcoolBuy products from 5 categories currently, including electronics, fashion, home toys and car accessories while more categories will come up month by month. All EcoolBuy products got a time limitation, while it is expires, customers wouldn’t get the product at the discounted price, and basically each of them will last for 1-2 days. And all of EcoolBuy products will be shipped out immediately, never delay over 12 hours after order received

A special “recommendation” section on the category pageof the site showcases all carefully selected product introductions, customer’s comments, or even video links showcasing product features.  Product pages offer photos, videos, tech specifications, shipping, and pricing information, as well as the full shopping cart features online customers have come to expect, Jeff commented. Additional sections and interactive features are planned for EcoolBuy Phase II development, to ensure the new website continues to provide a fresh, versatile user-friendly experience.

VaKind has a vast network of distributors and retailers in United Kingdom, Australia, United States and other countries around the world, representing more than 107 countries.   These channels will continue to handle large orders and stocks, providing quality custom solutions in their respective regions, according to Jeff.  The Contact page of EcoolBuy offers a detaileddirect communicating information, online or offline.

EcoolBuy website will also providedirect links and social media integration to its Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube official pages, where daily products and company promotion updates will appear on a regular basis.“We are very proud of EcoolBuy – and we hope it provides a fast, useful and convenient shopping way for our oversea customers and broadcast good quality China products just a little better!”