The World's Smallest Cheerson CX-STARS 2.4G 4CH Mini Quadcopter Pocket Drone Helicopter UFO

Give the gift of flight this year with a big discount on the world's smallest RC quadcopter from A perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the youngsters in your family.

shenzhen, China, November 17, 2015 (Newswire) -It’s the season of giving and it’s the year of the Quadcopter! With Christmas just around the corner many people are looking for the coolest electronics and funniest toys to give as gifts. Especially for children, nothing is better than waking up to presents under the tree and treats in the stockings. Instead of traditional stocking stuffers such as candy and trinkets, the modern gift giver is sharing the latest in electronic toys such as these Cheerson CX-STARS 2.4G 4CH Mini Quadcopters. No matter who receives this cool gift, their faces will light up with delight as they learn the joy of flight.

Mini in size but big on fun, the Cheerson Mini Quadcopter is one of the world’s smallest RC aircraft. It measures an incredible 22mm square and weighs in at only 7.5g. It is so small that several of them would fit in the palm of a hand. In spite of its small size it packs a lot of punch and it uses a powerful F4 brush motor for fantastic lift and speed. The motor has three speeds, high, medium, and low and its self-selecting makes it easy on the pilot and tons of fun. It’s hard to believe but the Cheerson is a full 4 channel RC with 6 axis gyro for incredible precision flight. It can travel front-back, up-down, left-right, and can even fly in a full 360 degree 3D motion! The flight mechanics are absolutely magical and in no time, even new pilots will find it easy to fly around confidently among objects and even perform flips and other aerobatics. In fact, the Cheerson is a perfect introduction to RC aircraft for children because of its small size, easy controls, and unbelievable fun.

Since the CheersonMini Quadcopter is so small, it can be stored in the handy clear container built-into its remote control. That way, it’s always where it belongs and won’t become separated from its control unit. The 2.4g remote is functional up to 20 meters away and the colorful LED lights on the Cheerson make it easy to spot, even when flying at the edge of its range. The colorful body and bright LEDs make this Mini Quadcopter a dream to fly at night or in a dark room and they look fantastic against a dark background.

The Mini Quadcopter comes in a variety of cool colors that make it a fun choice for kids. One of the drawbacks to other electric quadcopters is the long charge time. It’s no fun to wait for a battery charge when there is flying to do. Luckily, the Cheerson can achieve a full charge in only 30 minutes and enjoys flight durations of up to 5 minutes, even at high speed.

RC toys are one of the top requested gifts by children this year and there is no better way to introduce the thrill of flight to youngsters than these cool Mini RC Quadcopters. They make perfect gifts and kids will be up and flying in no time. Their compact size makes them easy to store and transport and their small yet powerful motor means they are perfect for indoor flying. Because of their sophisticated flight controls and 6 axis gyro, they are capable of incredible maneuverability and 3D flight.

There may be bigger quadcopters available out there, but none pack more power, features, and fun into a small package than the Cheerson CX-STARS 2.4G 4CH Mini Quadcopter Pocket Drone. Available now on for only $17.99 (a 40% discount), nothing will put more joy into the holidays as this fun little copter.