The World's Newest RC Quadcopter for 2015 Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about getting a handle on the holiday shopping list. Everyone has a few people on their list that are hard to find gifts for but this year, there are some exciting new choices available from They have some of the latest and greatest RC toys just in time for Christmas that are perfect for children or adults who love to have RC fun. Out of the hundreds of available RC toys on the newest RC toyand most exciting is the X25 6-Axis 2.4GHz Gyro Speed Switch RC Quadcopter Flying Car RTF.

The X25 features a radical new design that acts as a combination of an RC car and RC quadcopter. It is truly amazing and satisfies the desire for total RC ability on land and in the air. This ground breaking new RC vehicle is unlike anything ever seen. Once out of the box, it looks fast even when standing still! It is made with fun in mind and it uses a large on-board 650 mAh battery for flights of up to 6 minutes, which is great for an RC aircraft that is this versatile. It has an eight channel, six axis control scheme which means total control whether on the ground or in the air. While driving, the X25 can move forward/backward and turn left/right. Naturally in the air the control movements include up/down, forward/backward, left/ right as well as a hover mode. This advanced control system allows for an unbelievable flying experience that moves in 360 degrees and even can perform 3D rolling and impressive acrobatics.

For first time RC hobbyists or kids, the X25 is a perfect choice. Its sophisticated flight controls are made to ease the learning curve of flying and increase the fun. After just a few minutes, anyone can be flying like a pro. In fact, it has some special features that make it a great first quadcopter for beginners such as a ‘one key’ lock that holds the current flying course and most importantly, a ‘one key’ return which will bring the aircraft back to the controller with the touch of a single button.

When night falls, the fun doesn’t have to end with the X25. It has brilliant LED lights in red and green on each corner that help to identify the speed, direction, and course when flying (or driving!) in low light conditions. Speaking of driving, the X25 uses special soft rubber tires that provide excellent grip and traction on a number of different surfaces, meaning that it can go more places. Of course, if driving on the ground ever becomes problematic, a quick switch on the controller can change from drive mode to flight mode and take the X25 to the skies for true ‘go anywhere’ capability, something that other RC toys cannot do.

The X25 kit comes with everything needed to get going in after a quick charge of the battery and unlike other RC toys this one even comes with a handy screwdriver, useful instruction manual, and a set of 4 replacement propellers in case of the occasional crash. It is truly a complete kit and ready to go on Christmas morning.

Although there are many RC toys available this holiday season, nothing is quite like the X25 RC Quadcopter Flying Car. It has a totally unique combination of RC car and RC quadcopter and sets the new standard for combination RC vehicles. It has unbelievable performance, sophisticated flight and driving controls and is truly a vehicle that can go farther. For beginners or experienced RC fans out there, the X25 has something for everyone and all for under $50 USD. It is truly unmatched in its class and soon to become an RC classic. Check it, and all the rc toys vailable now on