RC Remote Aircraft: Channel Types and Who Can Use Them

This article introduce someting about rc helicopter for players,what is a rc aircraft?and what are channels and how many channel types there are? The number of channels and so on.

What is a RC aircraft?

RC stands for Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled. Therefore, a RC aircraft is either a Radio Controlled aircraft either a Remote Controlled aircraft.

Radio/ Remote Controlled aircraft is a drone, often coming under the shape of a plane, helicopter, hexacopter,quadrocopter and so on. Esentially, the aircraft is piloted through a remote control that sends signals to the gadget,allowing the user to coordinate it in flight.

Learning how to fly and casually flying a Radio/Remote Controlled aircraft became a largely popular hobby in the past decades. Due to the great amount of people showing interest in the subject, the Cheap RC Quadcopter market reached high levels of evolution. Nowadays, there are numerous brands that produce RC aircrafts.Moreover, there are plenty of RC aircraft models, some of them electrical and others working on an internal combustion engine fuelled by gas or jet engines.

As well, Remote/ Radio Controlled aircrafts are used by the governmental institutions for collecting and sorting data.For this purpose the Remote or Radio Controlled aircrafts are used as drones. Most definitely, the ones that the official institutions use are nothing like the ones that hobbyist use for their own entertainment.These drones are supposed to be professional remote controlled aircrafts, with features that ‘toys’ may never experience.

Depending on the skills and preferences of the owner, the RC aircrafts can be more or less alike with the real aircrafts. For example, a beginner might purchase a simple aircraft, that is conveniently easy to pilot and that doesn’t features many details resembling a real life aircraft. On the other hand, a very experimented and passionate hobbyist might purchase a detailed aircraft that features all the functions of a real aircraft. The latest RC aircrafts are known under the name of ‘scale models’ and are,indeed, more complex and pricier than the simple ones.

Most likely there is a fitted RC aircraft for each user- there is definitely a reason for which the RC aircraft industry is so developed.Further on, RC aircrafts fall into a series of different categories that help the regular buyer separate the ones they want to purchase from the ones they don’t.There are various categories, starting with the engine type and finishing with the noise the cheap rc helicopters produces in flight, but today we will focus on the channel types and how suitable each type of channel is for different categories of RC aircraft users.

What are channels and how many channel types there are?

First of all, the word ‘channel’, is a very popular word in the world of Radio/ Remote Controlled aircrafts hobby. Therefore it might confuse people a little in the beginning, as there isn’t only one conjuncture in which the word ‘channel’ is used.

There are two essential constructions in which people will hear the word ‘channel’ used regarding the hobby of flying RC aircrafts. Most likely people heard or they will hear the phrases ‘number of channels’ and ‘channel number’. While the construction of the phrases is indeed alike, these are not to be confused. The number of channels and the channel number are,without a doubt, two very different things that people might want to understand before starting to fly their own remote controlled aircraft.

Number of channels

The number of channels refers strictly to the functions that people gadget has. In this particular construction the word ‘channels’ is used to describe each part of the model that can be controlled via the remote control.

Depending on the complexity of the RC aircraft of player choice, the aircraft can be a ‘one channel RC aircraft, a two channels one, three channels and so on, up to eight channels.

The channels can mean a rudder, motor, ailerons, landing gear,flaps, parachute deployment and so on,in any kind of combination, varying from model to model.

There are no strict rules on how many channels a RC aircraft can have- it all depends on the complexity that the buyer/hobbyist prefers.

For new users,a one channel or two channel RC aircraft might be the perfect choice,while for those that have gained some experience with the hobby a five channel or even eight channel aircraft can be more suitable.As in everything else, this hobby should be taken progressively, adding one or two channels at a time, until the user has learned how to properly fly his RC aircraft.

Channel number

The second phrase in which the word ‘channel’ is used refers to the radio frequency on which the RC aircraft is operated. The channel number is a particular number that falls in the Mhz frequency band. Each channel number is unique and is given to each RC pilot separately.Therefore,each RC pilot has a different channel number.

If there was to be only one channel number,it would’ve been impossible to fly a RC aircraft as the users would’ve encounter serious control problems and RC aircraft crashes.