Newfrog Teach You to Protect the Circuit Board of an RC Quadcopter for Flight

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​For those who have taken up the hobby of RC quadcopters, there is an unfortunate and inevitable truth…sooner or later crashes will occur. The good news is, that modern quadcopters are durable and made to survive some impacts and crashes. In many cases, the only thing that suffers is the propellers which are inexpensive and easily replaced. However, there are other more important and expensive parts of a quad that can be damaged during a crash such as the brains of the vehicle, the printed circuit board. The circuit board, sometimes referred to as the receiver, is the center of the quadcopters flight controls and without it, nothing is getting off the ground. Circuit boards are susceptible to shock, breakage, heat, and also water. In order to protect this valuable part of a quadcopter, there are some steps that can be take. In fact, part of the fun of RC Quadcopters  is tinkering around with them, making cool improvements, necessary repairs, and awesome customizations. The only thing that is needed is a few hand tools, a little ingenuity and a good supply of aftermarket repair parts such as the many that are available on

Sooner or later, if for no other reason than curiosity, most people will get inside their quadcopters and have a look around. Perhaps it is for making repairs after a crash or to learn how it works, or best of all, for customization and improvement. A great place to start is with some modifications to protect the quadcopter circuit board. The circuit board inside a quadcopter is no different than those found in other consumer electronics gadgets or computers. It consists of some inputs and outputs with wire connectors, a printed circuit board with some components on it and a housing. They are super reliable and do all the thinking when it comes to flight. They receive the radio waves that control the copter and output the necessary commands to the motors and propellers to accomplish the intended flight maneuvers.

 They are however a bit fragile and can be damaged by bending, twisting or breaking. One of the best ways to prevent this, is by installing an aftermarket Protection Cover Plate. The cover plate is one, or a set, of lightweight metal plates built for the purpose of preventing damage to the circuit board. They include mounting hardware and surround the circuit board in a cage-like manner. During a crash, they absorb any impact and prevent the circuit board from twisting or breaking. They are inexpensive and can be installed in minutes by most any hobbyist. In fact, spending a few dollars and a few minutes to install these handy accessories, can save the significant cost of circuit board replacement. Consider it insurance for a day that you hope never comes!

The fun way to enjoy quadcopters is in the freedom of the outdoors and the wide open skies. Being able to send a quadcopter high in the air to perform aerobatics or take pictures and videos is why many people got into the hobby to begin with. However, there may be times when the weather doesn’t cooperate. If it begins to rain slightly and water gets inside the circuit board of the quadcopter, it can spell disaster. In fact, it could rend the board useless from shorting out and burning up the electronics. Or, you may have the unfortunate situation of crashing into a lake or water source. In these cases, a little preventive measure to protect the circuit board can be the difference between flying again, or considering a replacement.

 To avoid these costly situations, it is possible to actually waterproof the entire control board. It’s quite easy too. First, disconnect the battery and any wiring harnesses that are connected to the board, then remove the mounting screws and remove the board from the  RC Quadcopters. Be careful to hold the board by the edges and try not to touch any of the electronics components. Then, mix up a high quality, non-conductive two part clear epoxy.

This can be spread in a thick and even pattern over the entire surface of the board. Be sure to cover any wire connection points with tape during this procedure. Carefully hang the board up to dry overnight. The next day, the board will be sealed in a waterproof, protective epoxy and quite resistant to water damage. In fact, the epoxy will also give the board a degree of shock-resistance, another great improvement. Re-install the board, and re-connect the wires. At this point, to complete the waterproofingit’s a good idea to run a bead of clear silicone sealer around where the wire connectors seat to the board, thus forming a flexible yet waterproof connection.

 Taking a little time to make these kind of modifications is not only fun and increases your enjoyment of the hobby, it also can save significant money in replacement costs and keep and RC vehicle outside flying for longer. The next time any repair parts are needed, be sure to check out, one of the internet’s leading suppliers of quadcopters and quadcopter parts and take some time to protect the circuit board of any RC quadcopter


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