How to Make Your Vehicle Shine With Decorative Car Lights

Today there are a myriad of custom car lights and lighting choices. Depending on the types of lights and location of installation, the difficulty to install may vary.

There are two kinds of people in the world….those who think a car is simply a tool to use to get from point A to point B, and those that feel a car is an extension of one’s self, a statement about who owns it, and a passion. If you are one of the second group, then you already love your car. You probably spend time and money to make sure that it looks and drives at its best at all times. You are the type who would rather spend a sunny day washing and waxing your car, rather than a sunny day at the beach. The good news is that there are so many new and cool ways to customize your car and make it shine. One of the cheapest and yet most impressive ways to turn your car into a showpiece, is with the addition of custom lighting.

Today there are a myriad of custom car lights and lighting choices. Depending on the types of lights and location of installation, the difficulty to install may vary. Putting together a fully custom set-up may require a bit of knowhow and some tools, but many lighting kits are available that make customizing your car, a simple afternoon DIY task. Let’s look at some of the more popular car light options.

Under Dash Lighting – Most cars have very inadequate under dash lighting. When you open the car door at night you are faced with a dim orange glow around the floorboards. It’s hardly enough to see while safely entering the car and let’s face it…it just doesn’t look good. Luckily, LED light strip kits are available that install easily under the dash and can be wired into the car battery or any 12 volt DC outlet. These lights can be wired to the door switch to turn on when the door opens or even run on a remote control. They are available in a wide variety of cool colors and they have that superb LED glow that we all love.

Interior Cabin Lighting – Another great lighting upgrade is to replace the overhead incandescent light in your vehicle with an LED retrofit lamp. These can be colored or white light, they are much brighter and have better color temperature than the original light, and are also much more efficient, requiring less power from the vehicle’s battery system. These useful retrofit lamps install in minutes and require no special wiring. They are also available for trunk and rear hatch lights. Mixing and matching these LED light colors can give an interesting and pleasing effect.

Undercarriage Lighting – Probably the most impressive way to improve the look and attention to your car is by installing an LED undercarriage lighting kit. No one will miss your car as it cruises down the road seeming to float on colorful lights, a truly stunning effect. Many people think this customization requires a lot of time and money, but actually the kits are inexpensive and most DIY folks have no problem with a simple installation. Make sure that you choose a weatherproof LED kit that can handle the outdoors and choose the kit specified for your vehicle or one of the many universal kits available. Installation is as easy as attaching the cheap LED lights strips with adhesive or zip ties and wiring them to the vehicles battery or auxiliary power source. Most kits use a remote control with different lighting effects and patterns that can be easily controlled from the comfort of the car interior.

You may have been wondering what the next fun customization you could add to your car was and now you know, custom LED lighting is the best way to make a big impact in the way your car looks. Whether your car is speeding down the highway lit up like a futuristic ride, or sitting on the street, these car lights kits are the best value for improving your car’s looks. Best of all, they are easy enough that any DIY handyperson can get them installed and looking great. Check them out today at


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